York County Science and Engineering Fair

Welcome to the York County Science and Engineering Fair (YCSEF) website.  On this site you will be able to access forms, check dates and get started on your project.  We would not be able to host the fair without help from a number of volunteers and sponsors.  Please check our sponsors page and support their businesses.

Thanks to our Coordinating Sponsor First Capital Engineering!

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If you have questions first consult your science teacher.  Questions about the Fair can be emailed to our Fair Director.

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Welcome to the Science Fair!

Getting Started Links

  1. -International Fair Site - Rules and Information

  2. -Rules Wizard - Get SRC / IRB Forms

  3. -Science Fair Central

  4. -All Science Fair Site

  5. -Project Ideas

  6. -More Student Resources


YCSEF SchoolRegistration1516.doc

Student Registration - Opens 1/1/16

YCSEF StudentInstructions1516.pdf

YCSEF Rules 1516.pdf

IRB & SRC Approval

IRB Guidelines

SRC Guidelines

Project Certification Form 2015

Project Participation Form 2015.pdf

Other Research Opportunities

Young Scientist Challenge

Siemens Challenge

Google Science Fair

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Key Dates

Timeline of Events
SRC application  - Due by 10/29/15

School Registration - Due by 11/30/15

Student Registration - Opens 1/1/16

Project Setup - 3/5/16

Judging Day 1  - 3/7/16 10 AM

Judging Day 2  - 3/8/16 10 AM

Awards Ceremony - 3/9/16

Project Removal  (after Awards Ceremony) - 3/9/16

Thanks to our Prime Sponsors

Congrations are in Order!!

Alec Gayrama earned a 3rd Place Award at ISEF

Omkar Kane earned a 4th Place Award at ISEF

2015 Fair Winners

Senior Division Grand Champions

Alec Gayrama (Red Lion) - Investigation of Natural Dye Influence on a Solar Cell Apparatus

Omkar Kane (Central York) - Using Hand Motions to Control a Drone

Senior Division Reserved Grand Champion

Alex Feistritzer (Central York) - Brainwave Entertainment Coupled with Mental Fitness:  Bigger Benefits?

Junior Division Grand Champion

Zoe Prats (York Suburban Middle School) - Radiation Shielding Study of Various Glove Materials

Junior Division Reserved Grand Champion

Lilly Cook  (York Suburban Middle School) - Does the Temperature of a Solar Cell Effect its Efficiency?