Information and Timeline

It is crucial to the success of the fair and the individual students that students, parents, teachers, and supervisors read and adhere to the information below.

Organization Meetings - The YCSEF will meet on in October and February and as needed.

School Registration - Each school must complete the form and return it by December 1st. 

IRB / SRC Approval - Some projects will require approval prior to beginning research. 

    IRB - Projects involving human subjects, UV light, and lasers must be approved by the IRB.  Each school

    should establish an IRB consisting of a science teacher, administrator and nurse / doctor.  Forms are available

    through the ISEF website.  Students must have all forms signed and available during the judging.

    SRC - Projects involving human or animal tissue, non-human vertebrate animals, pathogenic agents (such as

    e-coli and other bacteria), agar plates, firearms, rocketry, hazardous chemicals and recombinant dna must be

    approved by the SRC.  Students should complete the forms available through the ISEF website and send them

    to the committee for approval. 

Student Registration - Students must submit an application.  The registration process opens on 1/1/18.